Packages & Value

We have three practice areas: Content Area, Test Preparation, and College Counseling.

We use the same package types to provide you with the greatest value and consistency!

LearningGoal packages exist to track student growth over lengthier periods of time or to dive into deeper learning needs.

QuickPrep packages exist to work in bursts: on projects, on CrashCourse content for tests, or to fill out a LearningGoal with extra sessions!

Content Area

  • LearningGoal^
  • QuickPrep

Test Preparation

  • LearningGoal
  • Crash Course QuickPrep^

College Counseling/College Essay

  • Research & Selection QuickPrep
  • Writing Workshop QuickPrep^
  • Supplements LearningGoal^

Costs – and benefits

In every tutoring experience, we’ll be transparent about:

  • your LearningGoal or QuickPrep Goal
  • Your Weekly Progress, Schedule, and Billing (check it out at any time in your Teachworks profile!)
  • You may receive additional course materials, KEFTutoring proprietary guides, project trackers and more in your inbox or crossing your desk if you sign up for a Creative Course, Test Prep or College Counseling QuickPrep course.

Our services are competitively priced against local market rates each semester; we provide a comparison of session rates against competitors on your proposal. Please complete the contact form to inquire regarding further details.

^Top 5: KEFTutoring offers services in many areas. This indicates that the service appears on our “Top 5” list of requested services. Book your package today!