Executive Functioning Tutoring

KEFTutoring hires master teachers, instructional coaches, and dual-certified professionals to work in our executive functioning and communication skills practice. Our unique approach to tutoring, utilizing proprietary skills-based modules in all of our work, enables all students to develop habits and methods to “learn to learn”. Yet, we know that some students need additional focus on these topics. Work with a specialized practitioner to develop the executive functioning skills and become the student that you know you can be!

  • Focus on using information
  • Communicate clearly
  • Organize logically
  • Think critically
Quick Facts

Tutoring Basics

QuickPrep Packages or LearningGoal Packages available.* | Choose from any CORE subject. | Flexible scheduling** |
Use school materials and supplement with curated KEFTutoring resources as needed to promote student learning.

*Please inquire at “Contact” for more details.
**Subject to tutor availability.