Content Area Tutoring

KEFTutoring expanded into the humanities and mathematics/science tutoring market in 2012. Content area tutors work with a dual focus: remediate areas of need and provide acceleration opportunities to challenge and grow strengths. Our team tutors are highly qualified professionals, lifelong learners, and passionate teachers. We pride ourselves on the ability to apply our knowledge, and know that modeling this practice for students helps them grow as they, too, blossom into experts!

  • Focus on developing an understanding of information
  • Learn to make meaning from critical concepts
  • Develop important study habits

Quick Facts

Tutoring Basics

QuickPrep Packages or LearningGoal Packages available.* | Choose from any CORE subject. | Flexible scheduling** |
Use school materials and supplement with curated KEFTutoring resources as needed to promote student learning.

*Please inquire at "Contact" for more details.
**Subject to tutor availability.