College Counseling

College Counseling services opened in 2012 under the direct leadership of Kirstin Fowler-Liu.

Kirstin has served as an interviewer for the Duke Alumni Association Advisory Committee since 2007 in London, Pittsburgh, and Chicago. She spent 9 years as the Chairperson of the Pittsburgh AAC Committee and is a member-at-large on the Duke in Chicago Board.

Kirstin created writing programs to guide students through the admissions process – from school selection through scholarship search, based on her expertise as an interviewer, professional development provider, and English teacher.

Students not only drive the process of research, writing, and presentation of college material, but learn how to manage time, organize complex relationships, and balance complex emotions.

Today, Kirstin trains specialist tutors in our College Counseling program, personally works with students in the Selection Program, and partners with our Associate Director, who oversees the Writing Program to maintain program integrity and quality. 

At present, KEFTutoring works on six areas with students, including:

  1. School selection
  2. Deadline and time management
  3. Requesting recommendations
  4. Creating a resume
  5. Essay writing
  6. Scholarship search

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