Problem Based Inquiry Lab

 Course Details:

  • Tutor: Ashley Russell, Miles Tonkovich (online), Trish Hredzak-Showalter (online/astronomy – limited placements)
  • Grades: (rising) 1 – 12
  • Type: In-person and online options available

Course Description:

Build math and science skills through problem-based inquiry methods. Select a topic below and solve a complex problem, solve a lab, or build a project! This course is perfect for learners of all levels. It can an introduction to applying basic math and science concepts in the real world, an opportunity to fine-tune higher-order thinking skills over the summer, or simply a chance to test out AP level concepts outside of a classroom setting.

Fractals, tutoring

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Science: General Science, Astronomy, Environmental Science, Biology, or Chemistry
  • *Projects requiring organic & inorganic laboratory work may be limited. Please inquire for details.


  • Critical thinking & analysis
  • Creative thinking
  • Skill development
  • Project-based learning
  • Time management


  • Prerequisite: Students create a project idea submitted to one week prior to the start of the course.
  • Week 1: Discuss the project; review critical skills and concepts required, skills practice.
  • Week 2: Skills practice #1, labwork/problem work, research, and experimentation.
  • Week 3: Skills practice #2, labwork/problem work, research, and experimentation.
  • Week 4: Skills practice #3, labwork/problem work. experimentation and analysis.
  • Week 5: Skills practice #4, analysis, and conclusions.
  • Week 6: Skills practice #5, conclusions & presentation.

Costs and Session Details:

  • Six sessions per course; please inquire about extended courses.
  • Supplemental materials may be required for certain projects. Please inquire for further details.
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  • DOUBLE COURSE BONUS: (All Students Eligible) Pay in full for TWO CREATIVE COURSES before June 17 to receive a 5% discount on your total package!
  • *No more than two discounts can be applied to a course. Discounts do not apply to full-year “Classic Courses”. Please inquire for details.

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