Author: Allie Donahue

Allie Donahue started tutoring professionally at the Whitman College Center for Writing and Speaking. She worked in this position for three years while completing her Bachelor’s degree in rhetoric studies with a Spanish minor. In 2017, the year following her graduation, she was promoted to Assistant Director of the Center. Next, Allie taught high school English in Providence, Rhode Island for two years as a teacher with Teach For America. In this role, she assisted over 70 seniors through the college essay process and over 140 students through the rigors of research-based argumentative essays. During her time in Providence, Allie completed a Master’s in Education at Rhode Island College. Allie believes that teaching is a process of gradually removing support as students grow. Students become better when they are working just at the edge of their comfort zones. Allie is driven to provide her students the creative and practical communication tools they need to express their hearts and achieve their goals.