English & Social Studies

Sara Berliner, MAT (Interim Director of College Counseling)

Social Studies (6 – 12), Executive Functioning & Skills Management, English (6-12), Writing (6-12), & Reading (6-12)

Sara Berliner graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Anthropology from Goucher College in 2005. A member of the International Scholars’ Program, Sara studied aboriginal culture in Australia at the University of New South Wales. Her passion for exploring the world around her, while serving others, led her to Propel Charter Schools as a member of Americorps and later as a paraprofessional, where she worked with students from grades 5 and 6 with learning challenges. Sara’s passion for education allowed her to cross the curriculum from math to reading, but history was her passion. She graduated from Chatham University with a Master’s of Arts in Teaching, focusing on Secondary Social Studies, in 2012.
Since this time, Sara has worked with students in grades seven through twelve at Propel Charter Schools. She redesigned the American History curriculum for Propel East, and has taught humanities, world history, and English courses along the way. As a tutor, Sara’s passion for history helps her to bring the narrative to life, while her extensive intervention history allows her to teach her students skills that are important to develop to become independent learners.

Locations: City, Fox Chapel, Online

Tara Brooks, BA/BA

Executive Functioning & Skills Management, English (6-12), Writing (6-12), & Reading (6-12), & College Counseling

Tara Brooks graduated from California State University San Bernardino in 2005 with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English and a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Social Science. She continued her education at Chapman University where she earned her teaching credential and developed her philosophy of student-centered education. While working on her teaching credential, she was offered a full time teaching position by Victor Valley Union High School district in Victorville California. As an English teacher in the VVUHSD, she taught classes at both the middle school and high school level. She has worked with a wide range of students from those who were below grade level and/or had learning disorders to those who worked above grade level and pursued Advanced Placement classes. In 2014 she left her position with VVUHSD to move to Pittsburgh and pursued new areas related to education as an essay rater for Educational Testing Services and as an English teacher for Global Lt.

Locations: Fox Chapel, City

Certifications: Secondary English (7 – 12)

Nicholas Manning, BA/BA (Assistant Director, College Counseling)

Executive Functioning & Skills Management, Social Studies (6-12), English (6-12), Writing (6-12), & Reading (6-12)

Nicholas Manning holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  There, he studied language and literature, was the editor in chief of the campus news-source, and earned two Pennsylvania teaching certificates: English 7-12 and social studies 7-9.  During Nick’s student-teaching internship at Greater Latrobe High School, he taught three senior level English courses including Academic English IV, English IV, and Business Communication.  Professionally, Nick has shared his creative teaching methods within the Propel Schools in his seventh grade humanities classroom, and at Sacred Heart School as the language arts instructor for both sixth and eighth grades.  Outside of secondary education, he is passionate about contributing freelance articles to local magazines and publications, and creating original illustrations for children’s books. Nick provides organizational skills, fundamental writing skills, and personalized academic instruction to the students he teaches and interacts with.

Locations: City, Fox Chapel, Online

Certifications: Secondary English (7 – 12), Secondary Social Studies (7-12)

Maia Rodriguez, MEd, BA

Social Studies (6 – 12), English (6 – 10), Writing (6 – 12), Reading (K – 12),  Special Education (K – 12)

Maia Rodriguez graduated from Carleton College in 2010 with a Bachelor’s of Art in History.  Maia developed an interest in education after working in a summer program for students on the autism spectrum, where she led small group instruction for practical life skills and community engagement. A graduate of Fox Chapel Area Schools, Maia returned to Pittsburgh to work in a variety of communities in her hometown. She subsequently worked as a KEYS AmeriCorps service member, where she helped implement after school activities for students in a Pittsburgh community library.  Maia then completed her graduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Education, earning a Master of Education in Secondary Social Studies and Secondary Special Education, with additional practicum teaching experience in Civics, English, and Special Education at Penn Hills Senior High School.  Following the completion of this program, Maia worked as a full-time Special Education and Social Studies teacher in the Kiski Area School District.  In addition to her work experience as a public school teacher, Maia has instructed in elementary after school programs, serving as a group tutor and activities director, as well as in a summer creative writing program.  Maia enjoys instructing students in Social Studies and English, with a focus on developing writing skills, critical reading, and executive function skills.

Pennsylvania Instructional I Certifications in Secondary Social Studies (7-12), Secondary Special Education (7-12), Secondary English (7-12)

Locations: Fox Chapel, City

Lisa Weddell, PhD, MA, BA

Writing (6 – 10), Reading (6 – 10), Organizational Management/ELA (6 – 10)

Lisa Weddell graduated from Chatham University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature. In 2013, she graduated with her Master of Arts degree in English literature from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In fall 2013, Lisa began her PhD studies at Duquesne University in English literature. During her time at Duquesne University, Lisa taught college composition, American literature, and genre courses. Ms. Weddell’s teaching pedagogy includes innovative approaches to close reading and critical writing. Additionally, she has over five years of experience as a Writing Consultant, helping individuals of all skill levels flourish as strong, academic writers. Lisa intends to defend her dissertation in spring 2019. She currently works at Fragomen’s Innovation and Legal Writing Center as a founding member of the legal writing team.

Locations: Fox Chapel, City

Miriam Wertheimer, MAT, BA (Director of Curriculum & Programming)

Writing (6 – 10), Reading (6 – 10), Organizational Management/ELA (6 – 10)

Mimi Wertheimer graduated from University of Rochester in Rochester, New York with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Health and a double minor in Medical Anthropology and Psychology. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree, Mimi returned home to Pittsburgh to attend Chatham University where she earned a Master of Arts in Teaching and Pennsylvania teacher certificate in Elementary Education: K-6. Mimi completed her student teaching at Propel McKeesport in Kindergarten and spent three years teaching 6th grade English Language Arts at Propel Pitcairn. While at Propel, Mimi developed curriculum for 6th grade ELA and Social Studies, based on data from PSSA assessments. Mimi is currently a lead teacher and supervisor in the pre-kindergarten program at Carriage House Children’s Center.

Mimi serves as KEFTutoring’s Director of Curriculum and Planning, a role that taps into her broad base of knowledge, ranging from organizational management to elementary mathematics to post-secondary research and analysis. Incorporating her knowledge of curriculum design with student-centered teaching practices, she works with our Chief Educational Strategist and tutors to ensure that our programs remained focused on student achievement.

Locations: City, Fox Chapel, Online

Pennsylvania Teaching Certification: Instructional I (Elementary K – 6)

Pravin Wilkins, MA (in progress), BA

Writing (6 – 10), Reading (6 – 10), Organizational Management/ELA (6 – 10)

Pravin Wilkins started tutoring professionally at the University of California, San Diego’s Writing Center, working as a peer tutor for other undergraduate students. He worked in this position for three years while completing his Bachelor’s degree in Literature/Writing & Political Science. In this position as a peer writing tutor, Pravin worked with students on their writing across a broad range of subject fields. During his time at UCSD, Pravin also worked as a tutor for a class of students who were English Language Learners and he spent multiple summers tutoring for programs designed to assist incoming freshman transition from high school to college writing. When he was not tutoring at UCSD, he would spend a few hours a week volunteering for the International Rescue Committee as an after-school tutor for high school refugees. After completing his Bachelor’s degree, he moved to Pittsburgh to continue his education at Carnegie Mellon University and is thrilled to continue his work as a tutor.

Locations: City, Fox Chapel, Online


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