Creative Courses

This summer, KEFTutoring is offering a number of inquiry and interest based opportunities for students of all ages! These creative courses are perfect for students who need a break from standardized tests, but need to build subject-specific skills, for those seeking acceleration or revision work, or for new students trying out tutoring for the first time!

Quick facts

  • All courses offered in 6 week increments.
  • Choose from topics across the curriculum.
  • Middle, and High school offerings.*
  • Advanced signup discounts available for new students (See course pages for more details)

*Please read class details for complete and course specific information.

Middle School Study Skills                                           Writer’s Corner

Tara Brooks (ELA)                                                                        Bonnie Cross, Laura Mullican, Esther Terry
Trish Hredzak-Showalter (math, chemistry, biology)                 Mimi Wertheimer
Laura Mullican (ELA)                                                                   rising 1—12+ grades
Miriam Wertheimer (elementary upon request*)


Creative Readers                                                                 High School Research

Mimi Wertheimer (1-6)                                                                 Bonnie Cross (English),
Laura Mullican (6-8)                                                                    Trish Hredzak-Showalter (Chemistry, Biology)
rising 1—8 grades                                                                         Laura Mullican (Humanities), Esther Terry (Humanities)
rising 9—12+ grades


  • Next ACT Exam Date

    First Semester ACT #1September 9th, 2018
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  • Next SAT Exam Date

    First Semester SAT #1August 25th, 2018
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  • Did you know?

    KEFTutoring offers college counseling services for students in 11th and 12th grades, and educational consulting services for school planning for students in grades K – 12!