Technology Overview

Digital technology is a tool that many students are familiar with using in their daily lives.
Depending upon student needs, other digital or traditional resources will be employed.

Quizlet, the online education resource for creating quizzes, organizing information, and working with concrete information, is used for vocabulary practice. You can access the class sets on the computer, or from a mobile device.

In order to target specific areas of math difficulty, we may use Davitily Math Academy to generate multiple problems from the same topic quickly and conveniently, while tracking student performance.

Although all content is reviewed in our tutoring sessions, some students may benefit from review lectures for specific content provided by the Khan Academy.

Finally, to assist your development of critical reading skills and to strengthen your ability to select an appropriate and relevant essay example, select 6 Q’s About the News developed by the New York Times Learning Network are used in reading courses. We also utilize Newsela to build reading comprehension skills with our middle school students.

*All materials and technological resources are subject to change at the tutor’s discretion.

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