Math & Science

Evan Adcock, BSE/BSE

Math (6-12), Science (6-12)

Evan graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a B.S. dual-major in mechanical engineering and materials science engineering in 2014. Subsequently, he worked as an automotive design engineer before moving to Pittsburgh where he worked in technical sales. Evan has had an aptitude for math from a young age but recognizes that everyone experiences it differently and loves to help others reach their own understanding and appreciation for math by approaching problems from many different angles. Evan has extensive professional tutoring experience in the math and science fields and aspires to continue engineering studies in graduate school. He began tutoring peers during high school and continued his role as a mentor in college as a Resident Advisor.

In his free time, Evan volunteers at the Carnegie Science Center as a mentor in the “Fab Lab” as well as during the planetarium’s SkyWatch events, and most days he plays frisbee with his dog.

Locations: Fox Chapel, City

Melissa Fann, JD, MPH, BS

Math (6-12), Science (6-12), Test Preparation (full exam/all levels), & College Counseling

Melissa graduated in 2006 from Duke University with degrees in Chemistry and Psychology. Melissa has earned her Master’s in Public Health and a graduate certificate in Health Program Evaluation and Student Certification in Teaching Fundamentals from the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh. After college, she worked as a Residence Life Counselor at the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Health Care and as a Research Associate at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). After working for a few years in clinical research, Melissa decided to pursue a master’s degree in Health Policy and Management from the University of Pittsburgh. While attending the master’s program she worked with an academic mentoring program for underrepresented undergraduate students. Melissa continues to work in clinical research, and in Fall 2015, will commence her JD studies.

Melissa has worked with KEFTutoring since 2013 on test preparation, college counseling, and content-area topics. She has previous experience tutoring high school students in Chemistry and Mathematics at her home high school, Quaker Valley High School, and while at Duke with Durham high school students. Melissa enjoys seeing her students improve and take pride in their own accomplishments.

Locations: Fox Chapel, City

Trish Hredzak-Showalter, MS, BA

Chemistry (7 – 12), General Science (6 – 8), Test Preparation (Math & Science)

Trish currently works for the Department of Biological Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University.  She has over 7 years of experience working in both academic and industry laboratories, has coauthored several peer-reviewed research papers, and has been a private tutor in AP Chemistry. 

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Trish graduated from Chatham College for Women (now Chatham University) with a degree in chemistry.  While there, she also took courses in biology, geology, physics, and calculus.  She participated in interdisciplinary undergraduate research projects at The University of Southern California, NASA’s Johnson Space Center, and The University of Pittsburgh, and was a recipient of the 2007 American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry.  Trish continued her science education and graduated with a master’s degree in chemistry from Tufts University.  She participated in NASA-sponsored graduate research and was a teaching assistant in both general and advanced chemistry courses.  When Trish isn’t in the lab, you’ll find her at the Carnegie Science Center, where she works as an informal science educator. Trish has worked with KEFTutoring since 2016 as a math and science tutor. 

Locations: Fox Chapel, City

Minjung (Katie) Kim, MSE, BSE

Science (7 – 12), Mathematics (7 – 12)

Katie Kim graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Biomedical Engineering. She worked as a tutor at the private institute for four years, focused on test prep and STEM subjects for high school students. Katie experienced both 1:1 teaching and small group teaching. In 2015, Katie returned to Carnegie Mellon University and earned her Master’s in
Science in Biomedical Engineering. While she studied at CMU, Katie continued to teach STEM subjects to freshmen college students. Currently, she works at the University of Pittsburgh.

Locations: Fox Chapel, City

Khiem Nguyen, MSEd, BSE

Chemistry (AP, General), Science (7 – 12), Mathematics (7 – 12)

Khiem Nguyen graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a teaching certification from the teachHouston program in 2014. During his first two years of teaching high school Chemistry, he completed his Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction for Science Education at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Khiem is experienced in creating inquiry-based lesson plans that include engaging demonstrations, student-centered activities and formative assessments to gauge student’s understanding for feedback. The experience in the classroom and lesson planning translates to his tutoring emphasis on structured note-taking with Cornell Notes and providing scaffolding based on the student’s current understanding. During his high school teaching tenure at Arlington
Independent School District, he taught Chemistry, Pre-AP Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and IB Chemistry.

Locations: Fox Chapel, City

Chigozie Nwoke, PhD (in progress), BS

Math (6-12), Test Preparation (quantitative) 

Chigozie graduated from the University of Nigeria with a first-class honors degree in mathematics. He has applied his love for math in a business setting, to streamline and optimize operations, but has returned to the advanced study of mathematics at the University of Pittsburgh, focusing on algebra, combinatorics, and geometry. In his prior teaching experience of middle and early high school students, Chigozie worked on fundamentals by breaking down problems in new ways, to help his students develop their own “style” of problem-solving. Now, as a volunteer and as a tutor, he does the same, helping students to practice skills, see problems in new ways, and unlock mathematics through an understanding of fundamentals, whether teaching algebra, geometry, or calculus! Chigozie is an experienced tutor of SAT/ACT mathematics and excels at helping students who are both accelerated and struggling to understand mathematical concepts in the classroom. He has worked with KEFTutoring since 2018.

Locations: Fox Chapel, City

Miles Tonkovich, BS

Biology (7 – 12)

Miles Tonkovich graduated from Grove City College in 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. Following the completion of his education, Miles was employed at Carnegie Mellon University in 2016 as a research technician and teaching assistant in the upper-level undergraduate Biology lab. During his time at CMU, Miles assisted students with experimental principles of modern genetics, biochemistry,
developmental biology, and neurobiology, in addition to working with high school students during weekend outreaches, CMU’s Summer Academy for Mathematics and Science, and Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Sciences. In 2018, Miles became employed at Cook Myosite, a biotech company seeking to develop cellular therapies. He currently works in Myosite’s Production department, where he facilitates daily cellular manufacturing and serves as a designated trainer, teaching new employees to act in compliance with both company and FDA regulations.

Locations: Fox Chapel, City


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