Chess Club (Middle & High School)

 Course Details:

  • Tutor:  Evan Adcock, KEFTutoring team match assistance
  • Grades: (rising) 6-12
  • Type: Group

Course Description:

Build logic and reasoning skills through studying and playing chess. Learners of any skill level will learn the rules of the game, will explore game theory, and will even dive into the history of chess. Practice annotating each game that you play for later analysis as you compete against clubmates. The opportunity to strategize will sharpen critical reasoning skills while simultaneously teaching sportsmanship.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • History of Chess, including a brief look at game variations across the world
  • Strategy and Theory, including how to think critically about your choices and how to anticipate your opponent’s moves
  • Chess Annotation, including how to record your game as you play and how to review the game move-by-move for later analysis
  • Competition and Sportsmanship, including actual match-play where you remain courteous, win or lose


  • Critical thinking & analysis
  • Reflection/ Skill development
  • Stress & Time management (in competitive timed matches)
  • Competition and sportsmanship


  • Prerequisite: Students should respond to tutor surveys about their prior experience with Chess.  New or inexperienced players should review the game rules before week 1 with resources provided by the tutor.  (if needed, each group member should also register for any virtual programs that will be used for the club)
  • Week 1: Group introductions, a seminar about history and variations, review of game rules, pair off for casual games
  • Week 2: Seminar on annotation & etiquette, discuss strategy, pair off for casual games
  • Week 3: Layout group competition rules and expectations, play round 1 matches.
  • Week 4: Voluntary review of annotated matches, play round 2
  • Week 5: Voluntary review of annotated matches, play round 3
  • Week 6: Voluntary review of annotated matches, play round 4

Costs and Session Details:

  • Six sessions per course; please inquire for extended courses.
  • Supplemental materials may be required for certain projects. Please inquire for further details.
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