About Us

Mission Statement

All students have the potential to be successful academically. Since the tutoring process is not a “one size fits all” solution, we seek to develop customized learning pathways to address the unique needs of each student. We aim to demystify the processes that help students become lifelong scholars, critical thinkers, and successful learners, applying skills in college, career, and beyond.

Why Private Tutoring?

The goal of tutoring is to provide a student with greater experience and exposure to information in a manner sensitive to his or her learning style. Working with a student one-on-one enables a teacher to focus exclusively on that student’s needs. KEFTutoring’s tutors are flexible, ensuring that learning plans are executed to target each student’s areas of need.

Very simply, we are passionate about education. Working with a student to achieve the “ah, ha!” moments is exhilarating and we learn daily from our students. Drawing from a breadth of experience, we seek to continue learning as we teach, and adapting our instruction to meet the needs of any student we instruct.

Costs – and benefits

At KEFTutoring, we are dedicated to building a successful partnership with students and families alike. This includes providing flexible system of payment options to suit your individual preference. Monthly, course, and semester based invoicing options are available; we accept both credit card and check payments.

Hourly tutoring costs include semester learning plan creation & review, diagnostic exam review (where relevant), application tracking system (college counseling), tutor provided study materials, and weekly progress reporting.

All services are competitively priced against local market rates. Please complete the contact form  to inquire regarding further details.